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Considering myself as a planetary citizen with an academic background in Fine Arts/Culture and Social Anthropology. I am interested in the process of acquiring, producing, co-producing, adapting, inhabiting, transferring, integrating, reflecting and disseminating different forms of knowing. I approach art-making as situated practice and therefore travel and work at various sites, and sometimes approach research collaboratively and seek to work beyond disciplines.

Interested in embodied criticality I question what can be grasped, the possible agency of a work and the context in which it is placed.

My work has been recognized through various grants and fellowships such as IFA research grant, Austrian Research Society ÖFG, Saxon Scholarship Program, STEP BEYOND travel grant, among others, and supported through international artist-in-residence programs such as cultureland nl, Amsterdam and Örö Island Residency, Finland.

My way of working is multimodal, research-based and extends from sonic recordings, document drawings, video sequences and objects, to working environments and spatial narratives. With a tendency for conceptual ideas and imaginative thinking I address artworks as dispositives to think with all being and the potential to reconfigure small details of reality.

The collaborative efforts of on/off collaboration that I co founded as a member, to seek to work together beyond geographical limitations while being situated in disparate geographical locations were made accessible for a wider public audience by the invitation from the Museum Casa del LAGO in Mexico City in 2016.

Grateful for the recognition of my work through the Caspar David Friedrich Prize 2019 and the Federal Art Prize «Bunderspreis für Kunststudierende». As well as the current support through receiving a Saxon state scholarship for a period of 2 years.


based nomadically, with an academic background in Anthropology and Fine Arts

2014-2019 Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, HfBK, Dresden
2016-2017 Fine Arts, University of Antonio Nebrija, Madrid
2004-2011 Cultural- and Social Anthropology, University of Vienna
2003-2004 Ethnology, Eberhardt Karls University, Tübingen
2019 Fieldworks, Caspar-David-Friedrich-Center, Greifswald, DE
The Intelligent Ear, exhibition & artist talk based on experimental research, Cultureland, Amsterdam, NL
2016 Juego Puro/Pure Game, exhibition with ON/OFF Collaboration, Casa del Lago, Mexico City, MX
Unsolved Equations Do also Exist, in collaboration with Juan Toro, Surface Gallery, Nottingham, GB
2012 The Dematerialization of the Art Object, exhibition in collaboration with Juan Toro, PzÄ, Berlin, DE
2007 The Many Faces of Africa, Phonetic Art, Club OST, Vienna, AT

2021 TRAVERSING THE UNTHOUGHT. Aural Galeria, Madrid, Spain
2019 24. Federal Prize for Art Students, BUNDESKUNSTHALLE, Bonn, DE
Beautiful Failure/Lighter than Air, Senatssaal, HfBK, Dresden. DE
LIFE SIZE Vol.I, C. Rockefeller Center for the Contemporary Arts, Dresden, DE
GRAN COLECTIVO, PANTITLÁN, Sexyland, Amsterdam, Netherlands, NL
EXISTENZ, Oktogon HfbK Dresden, Germany
Shelter, HfbK Dresden, DE
2017 Remembering the Future, HfbK, Dresden, DE
2013 Escenarios de Mujer, Galeria Luz y Oficios. Habana,
2019/21 Saxon State Scholarship
2018 STEP Travel Grant, European Cultural Foundation
2012 Publication Grant, ÖFG Austrian Research Association
2013 IFA Research Grant, Institute for Foreign Relation
2020 Örö Residency, FI
2019 CULTURELAND Amsterdam/Starnmeer, NL
2018 Kökar Residency, FI
Örö Residency, FI

2019 Caspar-David-Friedrich-Prize
Federal Prize for Art Students

2014-until present ON/OFF collaboration, Play&Game, transnational and interdisciplinary collaboration,
online, in collaboration with Carolina Alba (Mexico City); Jimena Mendizabal (Amsterdam), Alejandro
Orozco,(Mexico City), Juan Toro (until 2015), in urban context (Berlin/Dresden/Madrid, Mexico City,
Amsterdam), virtual space.
2014- 2013 [~] Archive Flaneur, Art and Research project in collaboration with Juan Toro, Berlin, Lviv, Kiev, UA
2013-2012 Postcards and Beyond, in collaboration with Juan Toro, IDBA, Cali, CO
2013 Poiesis and other Languages in Contemporary Aesthetic in Colombia, research project, Cali, Medellin,
Bogota, CO
Co-Founder of an Art and Theory Project: Projects for Contemporary Aesthetic, PzÄ, Berlin, DE

2020 Six Questions Before The Beginning Of Something Else, Handcrit, Madrid/Dresden
2017 Music as Organisatori_al Principle. In: DOCUMNT 1, Spring, Berlin
2016 Collectivity as a figure of thought. In: Catalog of the Exhibition, ON/OFF Collectivity and Collaboration,
Mexico City.
RED COLUMN, Nr.3, Vol.1, June. A Fan Publication of Art, Philosophy and Aesthetics, Eds. Mirjam
Kroker & Juan Toro. Published by Projekte für Zeitgenössische Ästhetik in cooperation with Museum
Casa del Lago, Mexico City
2014 Red COLUMN, Nr. 2. Vol. 1, October. A Fan Publication of Art, Philosophy and Aesthetics, Eds. Mirjam
Kroker & Juan Toro. Published by Projekte für Zeitgenössische Ästhetik, Berlin
2013 WELTWÄRTIGE KÜNSTLER_WEGE Im Kontext der Diskurse über zeitgenössische Kunst aus Afrika, der
afrikanischen Diaspora und der Globalisierung visueller Kunst (LIT Verlag), Berlin, ISBN: 9783643504760

for Art History, University FU, Berlin, DE
Artist talk & Video intervention with Mara Niang, DEPOT, Place for Art and Discussion, Vienna, AT
BBK (Professional association of artists in Berlin/Berufsverband Bildender Künstler*innen Berlin)
EASA (The European Association of Social Anthropologists)

since 2014: On/Off collaboration
Projekte für Zeitgenössische Ästhetik (2013-2019)

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